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Gordon Elliott
Thinking of starting a wonderful sport that caters for all age groups and all abilities. There are not alot of sports that can take that claim, but Line Dancing is one of them. I have classes for all levels of fitness and abilities and the whole time you are dancing and having fun you are getting a huge amount of benefits.
1/ Line Dancing is a choreographed routine of dancing in lines (so no partners necessary) which in turn works the brain.

2/ While working the brain you are using different muscles / your balance and your memory.

3/ And while all this is going on you are listening to wonderful music from all genres.  Did you know music has wonderful effects on the body. It is known to stimulate emotions. Help with anxiety. Can uplift your mood. Is known to lower blood pressure and sometimes help with pain relief.  

4/ And if that is not enough, it is a wonderful, safe environment to socialise in.

I teach from my Raw Beginners through to my Intermediate Plus Classes so there is a class for you.
Come along and give it a go.....You might just find a wonderful addiction with awesome side effects :)
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Big Events

News and Events
Just letting you know that I will be again doing a package for anyone
interested in coming along to ANY of the Balls for 2020.
18TH APRIL 2020
Package includes :
-      3 nights accommodation in the centre of Syndey
-      Ticket to the NSW Ball
-      Coach transfer to and from the Ball
-      Ticket to the Day Of 100 Dances hosted by Gordon Elliott
-      Coach transfer to and from the Day of 100 Dances
Saturday, 27th June 2020
Package includes :
-      2 nights accommodation in the centre of Melbourne
-      Ticket to the VLDA Ball
-      Coach transfer to and from the Ball
Possible date 3rd October 2020
Package includes :
-      2 nights accommodation in the centre of Brisbane
-      Ticket to the QLDA Ball
-      Transfer to and from the Ball
AT the moment I am not able to give final figures for any of these
but am taking names so I know what size group I am looking after.  
In past years the NSW Ball was around $380 twin share,
the VLDA Ball was around $320 twin share and I have not taken a group to the
QLDA Ball as yet as they are having their first event.
If you would like to put your name down for any of these event
please let me know the following information.
You DO NOT have to PAY ANYTHING at this stage until things are
finalised and I have full figures.  
RECEIPTS WILL BE ISSUED for all payments.
Please let me know the following information and
I will keep you in touch when things are happening.
If you have any questions then please ask so I can provide the answers.
Hi Dancers,   Some exciting news just finalised …
Do you want to come to ADELAIDE with me and see the sights and still dance ?
If so this is a little trip for you.
I am planning a short 6 day tour of Adelaide from the 14thFebruary 2020 – 19thFebruary 2020.
We will fly across to Adelaide on the Friday and have a tour dinner to meet up with everyone.
Saturday will be a workshop with me and then a social.  
Local dancers will be invited to join us for both of these events.
Sunday we have a full day tour across to Kangaroo Island.
Monday will be a half day tour of Adelaide so see the sights it offers.
Tuesday and Wednesday are both free time to explore as you like or take a trip
to the Barossa Valley for the wine lovers or Hahndorf for the countryside.
If we can link in with other dance groups in Adelaide then there is a
chance for more dancing where possible.
I have attached a flyer for you to complete but you can also
just email me back the information if that is easier.

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